As Moses the mako shark was gliding through the water, he was suddenly lifted from his home and taken from the beach. The humans quickly ‘’tagged’’ him with a tracking device. While the humans were headed back to the beach, Moses spotted the sea. Moses impatiently figured that he could jump all the way back home. It seemed the quickest way. Moving his flippers, Moses was just about to jump when one of the humans grabbed him by the tail, and would not let him go. Moses, who was also not giving up, foolishly struggled with all his might because he did not want to wait any longer. Suddenly, the human let him loose. ‘’I won!’’believed Moses. When Moses leaped out of the little water tank, he landed with a crash not a splash. Before the humans could carry him off the road, an enormous eighteen-wheeler, which was the most horrible thing Moses ever witnessed, zoomed over his body. Unfortunately, it crushed impatient Moses, the mako shark.


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