I have been working on a quilted wall hanging during our girl skills class at our co-op for about 9 months. Now it’s finally finished!!! Here it is:

Back of quilt

A butterfly

4 Responses to “My quilt is finished!!!”
  1. 1
    julia Says:
    9:22 am

    That is really pretty! Was it all hand-sewn?

  2. 2
    bc Says:
    1:13 pm

    Thank you! Yes, it was all hand-sewn.

  3. 3
    Nonnie Says:
    8:12 pm

    What a beautiful quilt, Grace! It’s been so much fun to see how much you’ve learned about quilting by doing this, and I can’t wait to learn some of this from you and Faith. Gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see it hung up.

    Love forever,

  4. 4
    bc Says:
    4:28 pm

    Thank you! Can’t wait to see y’all!

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