This summer we went to our grandparent’s house. We had a wonderful time. We went shopping with our grandmother. We bought clothes, shoes, toys and more. We also went on our grandfather’s boat. I drove the boat. It was a lot of fun. The wind felt very cool on my face. We had a great time.

We also went to New Mexico this summer. We played lots  of games. Some of my favorite times were playing with family, hiking, drama night, and getting to see everyone. I can’t wait until we go back. We performed a drama on “drama night” with our family. I was Moses. I had to wear gray hair and I  looked a little funny. We also had a campfire, with s’mores and singing. It was very peaceful.

This summer Daddy got to stay home. We did a lot in the summer. We played Frisbee in the field. On our Mom’s birthday, we went roller skating. We all learned how to skate, except Bradley. We played games and watched some movies. One of the DVD’s we watched was Tim Hawkins. He is a very funny comedian. We also enjoyed seeing him at my grandparents house, too.