By: grace | Discussion (3)

On Monday evening, I put my ring on the wrong finger. Then, it wouldn’t come off! My family suggested a lot of options:

Dad: soap, pliers (because the ring looked bent), and gasp…he thought about a saw (actually got it out)

Mom: butter, ice it, elevate it

Paige: ”Try to twist it off.”

Michelle: “Search on the Internet and see what we can find.” We did and ended up icing it more, and then we wrapped the finger in dental floss and covered it with Vaseline.

Faith: ”Uh-oh”

Benjamin: ”Go to the doctor.”

Bradley: ”I don’t think we should use a saw.”

Finally, when my finger was turning discolored, and swelling from trying everything, we went to the doctor at the med. clinic.

At the doctor, they had this cool ring-removing tool, and soon had my ring off!