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You know it is spring when you find caterpillars in your backyard. Here is a picture of a really fascinating, yet scary-looking one! We hope to figure out what his name is. For now he is “Methuselah”.

Creepy Crawly

Creepy Crawly

IMG_2826 (Small)


We researched this caterpillar and identified it as the caterpillar (larvae) of the Pipeline Swallowtail (a beautiful blue butterfly).

Here is some info.


Today we are going to Clay Casa and the movies! At Clay Casa you make clay bowls or other things. We are going to see Space Chimps at the movies and Make-A- Wish provides all of it!

Yesterday a tornado struck downtown. There was also a tornado warning on our part of town. A Whataburger’s roof was even blown off! We are thankful we didn’t get hurt. We all stayed in the restroom for over an hour during the warning.

I hurt my knee yesterday. When I jumped on the couch with my knees, one of them went into the side of the couch and something cut my knee. We think it was a penny, but we don’t know.